Vision + Mission

The Community Conferencing Center (CCC) is a conflict transformation and community justice organization that provides ways for people to collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime.


We imagine a world where strong relationships, authentic communication, and the desire to understand one another thrive. We trust that solutions reside within our individual communities. We believe that every voice must be heard


We hold space and provide a process for people to transform their conflicts into cooperation, and by doing so, contribute to a vision of justice rooted in equity, community, and collaboration. We advocate for practices that build and strengthen connection and relationships.

Our Principles

  • Conflicts present opportunities for learning, healing, and transformation.
  • People will generate creative and lasting solutions to their conflicts when everyone affected by a conflict is given a safe forum to tell his or her story and be part of the solution.
  • Conflicts within communities are best resolved within those communities.
  • Mobilization of existing assets and building community cohesiveness are paramount to quality of life.
  • Violence can be prevented if people are given a safe forum to collectively resolve their conflicts.

Our Work

The work of the Community Conferencing Center has been recognized nationally and internationally for its use of restorative justice and conflict management strategies in a variety of settings, including criminal justice, education, neighborhoods, and the workplace.

Our Community Conferencing efforts in Baltimore are unique—being the only broad-based conferencing program in a large American inner-city, with most services provided at no cost to participants.

The Community Conferencing Center also provides training, technical assistance, program development, and program evaluation services.