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Re-Entry From Prison

Studies show that prison re-entry is extremely challenging for individuals who have been incarcerated, especially those who have lost contact with their family. In addition to overcoming obstacles related to issues of employment, housing, and drug or mental health treatment, many ex-offenders have to deal with the emotional impact their incarceration has had on family members.

Community Conferencing can help ex-offenders and their supporters (e.g. parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, case managers, parole officers, counselors, etc.) deal with the social and emotional impact of incarceration.

During extensive preparation, a trained facilitator invites everyone affected by the incarceration to talk in an open and honest way. The person who is re-entering would get a chance to learn how each person in their life has been affected by their imprisonment. The group then would decide how to best move forward. This process can:

  • help establish healthy ways of communicating,
  • identify additional needs and assist with service linkage,
  • provide an opportunity for learning and healing, and
  • provide an opportunity for learning how to move forward with the support of people in their lives.

The hope is to improve communication and to restore relationships.

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