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For Law Enforcement

Reduces Recidivism

A recent Maryland juvenile justice study showed that young offenders who participate in a Community Conference are 60% less likely to re-offend.


Our current—often overburdened—criminal justice system often does not provide the opportunity for young people to learn how their actions affect others. 

Community Conferencing is a court diversion program that allows everyone affected by the incident to be part of resolving the crime or conflict.

Residents are more engaged in public safety

Over 7,000 Baltimore residents successfully resolved their own crimes and conflicts through Community Conferencing. 

Victims are included in deciding outcomes, and report feeling that “justice was served.”

Justice. Faster.

We bring together victims, offenders and their family members immediately after an incident, avoiding the sometimes lengthy wait for official action from courts or other institutions.   

High Compliance

98% of the Community Conferences in Baltimore have resulted in a written agreement created by all participants.  There has been over 95% compliance with those agreements.

Everyone affected by the conflict decides how to resolve the situation, therefore compliance with sanctions is extremely high.

Referrals come from:

  • Baltimore City Police
  • Department of Juvenile Services (DJS)
  • Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Baltimore School Police

Types of crime:

  • 2nd Degree Assault
  • Automobile Theft / Unauthorized use
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Theft / Larceny  
  • Destruction of Property  
  • Trespassing
  • Neighborhood Conflict
  • Other misdemeanor offenses


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