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Auto Theft

The Community Conferencing Center accepts referrals for juvenile auto theft cases services.  Working in partnership with the Maryland State’s Attorney’s office,  this community-based diversion has been highly successful at preventing recidivism.

During the Community Conference, everyone discusses:

  1. what happened
  2. how everyone has been affected
  3. how to resolve the matter and prevent it from happening again (written agreement).

If there is failure to participate in a conference, or failure to comply with the written agreement, then the case will be returned to the Maryland State’s Attorney’s office to be handled in the usual manner (e.g. going to court).


Any juvenile auto theft case that is approved by the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office for diversion and any juvenile who acknowledges he/she was involved in the incident is eligible.


  • Car owners are included in deciding the outcomes.
  • Car owners are more likely to receive restitution.
  • Young offenders are held accountable.
  • All participants are given access to support.
  • Young offenders are not as likely to steal another car (based on research).

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