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Peacing It Together Volume 28

Peacing It Together Volume 28 , July 2016

Peacing It Together Volume 27

Peacing It Together , March 2016

Peacing It Together Volume 26

Peacing It Together , October 2015

Sitka, Alaska

, March 2015

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Facebook , May 2014

Fixing Juvie Justice

PBS Video , May 2014

Teleseries: Restorative Justice On The Rise

, October 2012

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

, March 2012

We’re Moving

, November 2011

The Real Fixers

Newsweek , September 2011

4th Annual Bull & Oyster Roast

, September 2011

A Prescription for Juvenile Justice

Baltimore Sun , December 2010

PopTech 2010
Check out CCC’s Executive Director Lauren Abramson’s PopTech 2010 presentation!
, December 2010

Resolving conflicts through peer mediation

, October 2010

Tomkins Institute 2010 Conference

, September 2010

Cicadas are Back

Click for more information , August 2010

Suspensions:  Not the Answer to Bullying
Baltimore Sun Bullying Article
, May 2010

CCC Wins City Paper’s Best Non-Profit Organization 2009
CCC Named Best Non-Profit Organization 2009
Baltimore City Paper , September 2009

A Cheap, Simple, Juvenile Justice Alternative
Community Conferencing, a very inexpensive alternative to court that has thrived in Baltimore.
Youth Today , August 2009

Talking Cure
Community Conferencing Center uses restorative justice techniques to deal with crime in Baltimore
Baltimore City Paper , May 2009

Bearing Witness
The Justice Policy Institute asked Baltimore City's Residents to Give Voice to What's Needed to Fix the Criminal Justice System;
The Justice Policy Institute, April 2009

The Truth About Forgiveness
After his son was murdered, Bernard Williams became consumed by anger and depression. There was, he came to realize, only one way to save himself;
Washington Post Magazine , March 2009

Effective Way to Settle Disputes without Heading to Court
Lauren Abramson founded the Community Conferencing Center program in Baltimore as a way to resolve conflicts without going to court. , March 2009

School Officials Say Help was Offered to Two Teens Involved in Fatal Stabbing
In recent days, teachers and administrators at William H. Lemmel Middle School learned of a rift between two boys they thought were friends. They tried, unsuccessfully, to get their parents to come in for a conflict-resolution session;
Baltimore Sun , November 2008

We are the Experts We Seek
Our society teaches us to seek out “experts”— to fix our cars, heal our bodies, manage our relationships, resolve our conflicts. You’d think we can’t do much for ourselves...So how about this: Let’s be more aware of the fact that we really can solve many of the problems that we pay others for;
Audacious Ideas - Open Society Institute , June 2008

Council Considers Mandating Classes to Resolve Conflict
Baltimore's public school students in grades three through 12 must take conflict-resolution classes, under a resolution a City Council committee approved;
The Baltimore Examiner , May 2008

Young People Are Hungry To Be Heard
During a Street Soldiers class at Heritage High School, students respond when asked whether they had ever seen someone shot. In the class, students discuss violence and learn ways to resolve their disputes peacefully;
The Baltimore Examiner , May 2008

From Revolving Door to Open Road
Community Conferencing: Alternative to conventional punitive justice;
The Indypendent Reader , September 2007

When Forgiveness is Hard
Article about one Serious Crimes Conference;
The Manna, August 2007

Innovations by Baltimore Community Fellows
Open Society Institute Community Fellows Lauren Abramson, Bonnita Spikes, and Bernard Fayall speak respectively about their work with restorative justice, death penalty abolition, and youth mentoring;
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County , October 2006

Serious Crimes Conferencing in Baltimore
The Community Conferencing Center offers a variety of conference services in Baltimore, Maryland. The center offers court diversion for non-violent offenses, alternatives to school suspension, re-entry conferencing, and neighborhood conflict resolution. In this article, Lauren Abramson, executive director of the Community Conferencing Center, provides an overview of a serious crimes conference held in a prison setting;
Restorative Justice Online , September 2006

Sweating the Details
Op-Ed Article
The Baltimore Sun, November 2005

The Face-To-Face-Fix
Q&A with Lauren Abramson;
The Baltimore Sun, November 2005

Team Spirit
A local program turns conflict into cooperation;
The Urbanite Magazine , October 2005

Disparate Groups Resolve Conflict Through Talking
As head of the Community Conferencing Center, Ms. Abramson has gone into schools, neighborhoods, courts, community organizations, and the juvenile-justice system to, as she puts it, "get people to do the radical thing of sitting down and talking to each other;"
The Chronicle of Philanthrophy , October 2004

Conferencing can help kids and taxpayers
Letter to the Editor
The Baltimore Sun, May 2004

Mediate This
It's unfortunate that people at the state Department of Juvenile Services and with the early intervention program Community Conferencing Center cannot resolve their own differences. They should try again;
The Baltimore Sun, May 2004

Turning Feuds into Hugs
Mediation: The brawling kids might've been a matter for police, but one local program found a happy solution. Unhappily, it needs state money;
The Baltimore Sun, April 2004

Lauren Abramson, Innovator of the Year; “Giving Peace a Chance”
From September through May, Baltimore City school police arrest about 200 children per month - a scenario that frequently becomes a direct path to prison. But the Community Conferencing Center is trying to change how things are done
The Daily Record, March 2004

Conferencing May Help Community
Interview with Lauren Abramson
The Corner Forum , July 2003

Resolving Conflicts Face-To-Face
The process is called community conferencing, and it's based on the traditional African Maori justice process of settling disputes face-to-face, with all affected parties present at the meeting;
The Johns Hopkins Magazine , June 2003

A League of Their Own
A story about how one Community Conference mobilized angry residents to help the kids instead of calling the police on them;
The City Paper, October 2002

Psychiatry Professor Gets Victims and Offenders to Talk it Out
Lauren Abramson, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the School of Medicine...has provided a forum where victims of wrongful acts can get their desired five come literally face to face with their offenders;
The Johns Hopkins Gazette , July 2000

Radical Conferencing for Crime and Conflict Management
“We do the incredibly radical thing of getting people to talk to each other,” says Lauren Abramson, Ph.D., founder and executive director of the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore, Maryland;
Peace Partnership International , May 2000

Restorative Practices in Maryland
Said Abramson, “I think one of the important things about what we’re doing is that this is being done in some of the most disinvested and distressed neighborhoods in Baltimore, the second most violent city in the United States;”
The International Institute for Restorative Practices , May 2000

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