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Resolving Conflicts, Changing Lives

Here are just a few of the powerful true stories about real people, real conflicts, and how Community Conferencing transforms conflict into cooperation.

Community Conferences are held each week so be sure to check back for more stories!

Noise Violation Gone Bad

Loud Music A young mother by the name of Keisha moved into her neighborhood about six months ago.  She was happy to finally have her own space after living with her parents while raising Read Morego arrow

Alternative to Suspension Saves 17 Students’ Academic Careers

Out of control… Principal Williams called the Community Conferencing Center after 17 of his students were involved in two fights.  The first fight took place in the cafeteria Read Morego arrow

Greenspring* Neighborhood Conflict

Call for Assistance Mr. James, a community organizer from the Greenspring Neighborhood Association, heard about Community Conferencing and called for help.  There was an ongoing conflict Read Morego arrow

Joyriding in a Golf Cart

Zipping down the street Two weeks ago, 13 year old Brent and his Mom watched from their porch as 14 year olds Donald and Jeremy zipped down their street in a stolen golf cart.  And Brent Read Morego arrow

Middle School Fight

Disruption… It was early spring when a quiet west-side Baltimore neighborhood erupted into chaos. Marcus and Taye fought while other middle school students circled the action. Read Morego arrow

Shoplifting at Wal-mart

Caught Shoplifting Asia Montgomery was caught shoplifting at Wal-mart with her friend Diana.  Asia was arrested but Diana was not.  The Baltimore City Police referred the Read Morego arrow

Boys Steal M&Ms from the 7-Eleven and get Arrested

If the case goes to court… the two boys must be processed through the juvenile justice system; the public defender would represent one young offender and must hire an outside attorney Read Morego arrow

Car engine left running…

Ms. Watson stopped at a gas station to run inside to buy a pack of cigarettes.  She left her engine running in order to keep the car warm. In the meantime, Donte and Steven were walking Read Morego arrow

Robbery for Drugs Leads to Murder

Mrs. Marie Harris was 90 years old when she was killed by Wanda Epps—a 21 year old woman addicted to drugs. Mrs. Harris lived upstairs from Wanda’s mother and they were friends Read Morego arrow

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