Become a volunteer facilitator

Interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator?

The Community Conferencing Center offers training to individuals twice a year who wish to become part of our efforts to provide Community Conferencing in underserved communities.

Co-facilitated by Lauren Abramson, Larell Smith Bacon and Community Conferencing Center Facilitators, our highly participatory 16-hour facilitator training combines experiential and didactic learning, and emphasizes both the principles underlying the process, as well as techniques of Community Conferencing facilitation.

The training fee is $200 per person. Limited scholarships are available. 16 CEU or LCPC credits are available for additional $50. At the present time, this training is limited to individuals who are committed to providing facilitation through either the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore City or through one of our active Statewide Network Partners in Maryland.

(Watch this space for updates and information on the next available facilitator training.)

If you are looking to develop your own community conferencing program, please send an email to prior to submitting your application (click here for more info on starting a Community Conferencing program in your area).

NOTE: Space is limited. Registration requirements: 1) Completed registration form, 2) Phone interview, 3) Pre-payment, and 4) Signed facilitator agreement form